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Wet Weather Policy
On wet days, the fields and conditions are monitored regularly to calculate the impact rain may have in regard to conditions of the playing surface and the safety of players and officials.


If the fields become water logged or too wet to be considered safe, the games scheduled for that night/day will be postponed or cancelled.

Notification of any cancellation will be updated on this website no later than 4:30pm on the day. Please refrain from calling/texting if possible (imagine receiving 20 text messages all asking the same thing…)

It is the team captain’s responsibility to check this website and inform players of any cancellations.

Storm Policy
STORMS APPROACHING: If a storm is forecast or imminent, Jimboomba Touch will not make any decision on the games until the impact of the storm is assessed.

Quite often, storms do not occur as per warning predictions. If a storm does strike, games in progress may be suspended without notice by the Committee. If after 30 minutes, the committee consider the situation unsafe to continue, the remainder of the games for that round will be postponed or cancelled.


The decision of the most senior management team member is final and is always made with player and official’s safety in mind.

If a game has passed the half-way mark, the score of that game will count. If a game is postponed or cancelled prior to half time, that game may be re-scheduled or cancelled at the discretion of the Committee.

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